Are you being led by the Holy Spirit of God? This past Sunday, Tyler Hensley did a great job of leading us through “What’s Next” in terms of looking at the Holy Spirit leading the church. Jesus told his disciples to go to Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit came on their lives. They obeyed Christ’s lead, and the Holy Spirit was deposited in their lives in a phenomenal way. They then preached Christ to the large crowd, and 3,000 people confessed Jesus as Lord and were baptized for the forgiveness of sins and the gift of the Holy Spirit. What an incredible “next” in the history of the world. Jesus said it was better for him to go away so that the Spirit may be distributed (John 16:7). Do you realize the power of God at work within your life? Do you comprehend the amount of spiritual stamina God gives to you to keep going? Do you think about the reality that God’s Holy Spirit is living inside of you? It’s a blessing we fail to recognize in our lives. But this I know, if you have made Jesus your Savior and been baptized in his name - his Holy Spirit lives within you. He guides you through that Spirit. You walk with Him in your life. God is changing you to be like Christ through His Spirit working within you. 

This Sunday we’ll look at the community of believers God establishes in the early part of the book of Acts. We’ll see how they met one another’s needs and how they shared together with their possessions. We’ll see how the early church was devoted to the fellowship (the church) and to the breaking of bread (communion), and to prayer. We’ll see this is the pattern and lifestyle of believers that we pattern to this day. We strive to follow the ancient paths laid out to us by these early believers. God’s church is the hope of the world today, and you are part of it. It takes a faithful group of people to proclaim God’s truth and His word to the world. We strive to do that each Sunday. We strive to intentionally connect people with Jesus Christ. That’s our mission, and I pray we are being faithful with that call of Christ upon our ministry.

Hope to worship with you this Sunday as we look at the church and God’s established community of believers. See you then!

- Scott