Inside Forum

To the Forum Christian Family,

I’ve got some significant news to share with you. Since December of 2018, as I’ve been working through recovery from my stroke, Bradley has functioned as the Interim Lead Pastor and has continued to do a great job. The elders recently reviewed my recovery and have decided to utilize me in a new role in the area of adult education. The elders have unanimously decided to put Bradley forward as the next Senior Minister. Church members will be asked to affirm Bradley Williams as the new Senior Minister for Forum Christian Church by vote on June 30. This is the right decision. A decision that is going to move the church forward and advance the kingdom of God, and I am fully endorsing it and the role for Bradley, for the church, and the ministry.

The future looks bright for Forum Christian Church, and the ministry will continue to reach people for Jesus Christ. Bradley will be a great steward of the vision and mission of the church. He will do a spectacular job of leading the staff and leading the church in ministry. I’m looking forward to seeing the church continue to grow and thrive, and I fully support and embrace this decision.

Melody and I have been blessed by the elders with a sabbatical over the next 3 months in order to let Bradley fully lead out with me cheering him on in prayer. Though I will be away on a planned family vacation on June 30, I fully intend to cast my vote to affirm Bradley for this new role. Forum continues to intentionally connect people to Jesus, and I look forward to serving under Bradley’s leadership.  Melody and I are so grateful for the way the church has prayed for us and blessed us during this time of adjustment. 

Please keep the ministry of Forum Christian in your heart and prayers. Pray the ministry continues to intentionally connect people to Jesus. We look forward to being back with you in the fall and serving in a new role.