The Friday Challenge

Friday Challenge.jpg

3 quick things to challenge you in your prayer life

1. Desire
A poet once wrote, "A man's reach should exceed his grasp." Are you stretching yourself out to God and praying with a desire not just to have God answer your prayers, but to know Him more? 

2. Frequency vs. Length
We often regard a lengthy prayer of greater worth or more spiritual value than shorter prayers said more often. Praying is a way to connect to the heart of our Father in Heaven. As a father, I would much rather stay connected to my kids more often than for one single long conversation.  

3. Community
Do you pray with people? Do you know the lives of those around you well enough to know how to pray for others more specifically? 

Here are two things to try:
a. After a conversation with someone say as part of your goodbye, "Is there anything I can be praying for?" You will be surprised at the reaction you get - and don't hesitate to pray right there on the spot for them. It's only awkward the first few times;)

b. We have something at Forum; we used to call a prayer chain, that we now call our Prayer Team. A team of people who pray regularly for those in need. It consists of our staff, elders, deacons, and anyone who would like to opt into the team. It is as simple as giving us your email. When a prayer request comes in for the Prayer Team, an email goes out with the details. If you would like to join, email - put 'Prayer Team' in the subject line and include your first and last name in the email. 

If you have a prayer request that you would like the team to pray over visit to fill out the form

Hope to see you Sunday as we close out our 'New Season' series.

- Bradley