What if...

2015 has been one of the most prolific years of ministry Ive ever been part of. All glory goes to God and the way the Lord is using you as members of His church.

 It feels like Im now saying this a lot lately:

 What if every Sunday looked like this Sunday?

 I usually say it on days that I think are stellar. The dilemma is, to me, its almost as though every Sunday falls into this category right now.

 I cannot thank God enough for our incredible staff, our great leaders, and an on purpose, servant hearted, loving, and giving congregation.

 If every Sunday looked like this past Sunday (I’ll include the ministry elements over the weekend) we’d see: 

  • lots of marginalized people being ministered to in a great way. We say, Great job to Jody Riley and Tyler Hensley for putting together the Jesus Cotillion and then reaching out to these many people.
  • lots of people surrendering their lives to Jesus and being baptized into Christ.
  • lots of 55+ people engaging in fellowship.
  • middle and high school students stepping out of comfort zones and creating a great party for people who have physical and mental challenges.
  • this past Sunday was also another new high attendance (non-holiday) for Forum.
  • that every Angel Tree child was taken care of (quickly I might add). We know many of you wanted to sponsor a child - so weve reached out to our Partner in Education, West Boulevard Elementary school, for you to share with our community through gifts for kids. Watch for details next Sunday.             


Its also great to see how Rochelle Gerdts (our Childrens Minister) and Tyler Hensley (our High School Youth minister) have added so much to the great chemistry of our staff and kingdom advancement that is going on. Theyve both now been with us a little over a year and they are both making a great impact.

 In that Ive served with Carolyn, Melinda, Melanie, Jessie, Jody, Tyler, Bradley, Tarry, and our volunteer staff now for a good amount of time, its a pleasure to say that this is one of those ministry teams where I perpetually say Thanks to the Lord for assembling such a great team.

 This Sunday it will be my privilege to preach on one of the foundational and bedrock texts for Gods kingdom. Well be in Mark 8 as well as Matthew 16 if you would like to read ahead. In this passage, God reveals a great truth and reality to the apostle Peter. You are linked through the centuries to this revelation of truth. Looking forward to another beautiful worship encounter with you in the presence of our Lord this Sunday. - Scott