Simple Christmas

Simple Christmas.

It's a great phrase that tries to help move us toward the heart of Christmas. 

Last week we looked at worshiping fully. Worship is our reaction to the activity of God that creates within us a joy-filled attitude that causes us to share the experience with others. 

This week we're talking about realizing our worship extends into the area of how we spend money. 

This Sunday, we're talking about spending less. Many of us have probably set up our gift lists and our budgets in terms of our Christmas spending. 

Ask yourself this question, "What was my 5th favorite present that I got last year?" 

Please email me your answers. 

So what if this year, even now, you made some choices based on that answer? 

What if you were to choose less volume and more meaning connected to gifts?

What if you were to decide there's no need for a mound of debt in January so that you can enjoy the season without a layer of spending worry?

Or maybe your family is like us and we don't pile up debt. What if you took the concept of spending less and allowed it to move you toward what we will talk about next Sunday - which is giving more? 

Christmas is a great time of the year to worship God. It's a great time to share the great news with friends and family. It would be a great time to invite friends to church or to some of the Christmas events at Forum. 

Speaking of those, tomorrow on Dec. 12 starting at 5 p.m. we've got a great Christmas event called "Christmas at Forum." A petting zoo for kids will be on site, at 7 there's a musical and fine arts production, and we're giving gifts to our Angel Tree families.

Share the good news of the great joy of Christ with people around you.