The Best In Us

I find that when people fall in love with Jesus, that draws out the very best in us. Here are some images of the nativity of our Lord as portrayed by masters through the ages. 

I received this poem from a very young lady from church this week:

“Best Christmas Ever”

Do you remember Christmas story of baby Jesus and his Christmas glory and how shepherds came from far and wide to kneel before baby Jesus side and that wise men cam following a star over the hills and quite, quite far to find baby Jesus wrapped in cloth lying in a manger snugly soft. It was a really wonderful night; it was a truly beautiful sight. by Mary Elizabeth. 

Young and old. Rich and poor. Highly educated and self taught and everyone in between. When we fall in love with Jesus - he brings out the very best in us. He inspires us to be more than ourselves. You truly become the best you when you fully fall in love with Jesus. 

This Sunday we’ll talk about the reality that God is a giver. He gave to us the greatest gift in human history in his son. This Sunday we’ll talk about the way Christ draws out the best in us byus growing in the grace of giving. Simple Christmas simply focuses us on Jesus in that he’s the very best and inspires us the most. 


On Dec. 23 at 5:30 and Dec. 24 at 4 and 5:30 we’ll have Christmas Eve services. Looking forward to all of us worshiping our great Lord together during this season of Christ’s birth.