Merry Christmas

God uses many things to reach people. 

After church on Sunday, I was talking to a family about where they are with the Lord. Their first encounter with Forum was last years Christmas Eve service. They’ve grown (their words) so much this past year. They’ll be baptized this Sunday. 

Have you ever thought about the intentionality God used to reach us through Jesus?

  • With prophecy He predicted it
  • With angels He announced it
  • With a virgin He bio-engineered it
  • With a group of shepherds, He invited them
  • With a group of Magi, He heralded it in the heavens
  • With a body, He fleshed it out
  • With an object of horror, He carried it
  • With a tomb, He borrowed it
  • And with you, He speaks. He speaks to you in His word, with His preachers, teachers, and other Christians. He challenges and convicts you with His Spirit.

As we talked about on Sunday, God is a giver and He gave us His one and only son. Truly the greatest gift ever given to our world. 

If you’ve received this gift, it is one to share.

Intentionally connecting people to Jesus.

It’s our simple mission as a church. 

During this Simple Christmas season, take the time to fulfill this mission by inviting someone to worship at Forum or another church. 

There’s a lot of options this week for you to invite people to worship:

Today (Dec. 23) 5:30 p.m. service

Dec. 24 - 4 and 5:30 p..m. services

Dec. 27 - 8:15, 9:30, and 11 a.m. services

Maybe this time next year the family(ies) you invite will be sharing a similar journey as the family I mentioned above. 

God is using you and using me and using worship experiences and teaching to reach people. 

This has been a phenomenal year of ministry at Forum. I’m praying the Lord stir every heart in new and vibrant ways to be disciples of Jesus. 

Merry Christmas to all and I truly look forward to worshiping with you in the worship services over the next several days.