The Best Year

2015 will most likely stand as my “favorite” year of ministry.

“Why?” you might ask.

Too many reasons to list them all, but here are a few:

   We have an incredible staff who loves Jesus. It’s not a job to any of us - it’s ministry. It’s vocation (arising from the latin “vox/voca” dealing with “calling.”) I truly love working and serving alongside every one of them.

   We have a solid group of elders who are committed to God’s word (the truth) and grace (the church is a hospital for the hurt). There’s always a tension there, but one we are willing embrace. Additionally, our leaders are fully committed to intentionally connecting people to Jesus.

   The Lord has brought so many new families and individuals into this ministry who have become such great friends. I was having lunch with one of them at Dickey’s barbecue just the other day. I walked away thinking, “I’m so blessed to have so many incredible people around me in this church and community.”

   The growth at Forum this past year has also been great to see. As most of you are aware, numbers tend to annoy me - church health and faithfulness is much much more important to the Lord. That said, it’s been a very solid year of growth.

   The opening of the lobby and the creation of that “next space” where we can have connection serves us very well. It was just 9 months ago that we were cutting the ribbon with the Chamber of Commerce.

   The number of baptisms this year has also demonstrated that you are taking next steps and desiring to move to a new level.

   The move of WISE (one of our mission partners) from St. Vincent to Barbados is huge. I love it that our supported missions are risk takers willing to change, adapt, and even relocate (islands in this case) to do better ministry. That says a lot.

2016 - Where will the Lord lead us?

I wish I could see the future but I’m also eternally grateful that I can’t. (What a curse/blessing that would be, right?)

Of this I’m certain: Forum will continue to strive to help people connect to Jesus. We’ll continue to preach Jesus and teach the commands and Word of God. We’ll continue to develop strategies, community touches, and advances that will reach people.

On the horizon:

   Christian Campus House is pursuing a new building for worship and more housing. We’ll be giving our Easter offering toward that effort.

   Fall of 2016 we’ll enter into a new capital campaign to eliminate debt and catapult us into our next building phase. Currently our leadership is praying about an event center complete with a full gym. We’ll talk about and lay out the strategy on this in future publications.

We gather back into our “Next level” series this Sunday. This past Sunday Scott, Michele, Kaitlyn, and Hannah Muroski were baptized into Christ. When talking with them before Scott said, “We all want to move to that next level.” Right attitude! Way to execute, Muroskis!

This Sunday we’re talking about having a next level courage. Going to be a great message to kick off the new year. You and a bunch of people you know need to be here for this message. Great Sunday to invite others - especially hurting people - to Forum. See you Sunday.