A God Who Sees Around Corners

This past week, I preached a sermon on Sunday that I needed to hear on Monday. I actually needed to hear it quite desperately. So as I listened and listened again to that message, I remember thinking, “Thank You God, I needed this message so desperately.”

Friends, I’m thankful God sees around corners the things we don’t see. I thank God that He knows the future and He leads and protects His saints for His glory.

I’m thankful for so many of God’s providences throughout my life:

-    parents who had me go to children and youth choirs when I was a kid. It was there that so many words of Scripture and the stories from Scripture were etched into my memory.

-    parents who took me to Church Camp. A week unplugged from the world and in God’s Word instilled the Word in my heart.

-    a dad who drug me to every gospel sing in 5 counties (he sang in a gospel group comprised of my home church elders and my dad. They were called, “The Singing Shepherds”). They did a song that I hated growing up called “Brighten the Corner Where You Are.” I still don’t like the song - but I find myself singing it all the time because it reminds me that everywhere I am and every chore/duty I fulfill with a good countenance brightens the small corner of the world I live in.

How does that apply to me?

Every believer is a servant of God. We should do what our Master calls us to do. As a servant, I’m so thankful that God leads and steers in ways that we cannot fully fathom.

So, through providence - early in my life Scripture and the words of Scripture got imprinted on my heart. Then, when I wandered far far away from God, those very words helped to steer me home. Did mom and dad know I would wander? As parents - let me encourage you to have your kids at Children’s Theater and in Bible studies learning the Word.

As a leader, I recognize our church has experienced significant growth. As leaders, we are praying about, “What’s next?” in terms of initiatives, facilities, and ministry. Can I answer what that looks like right now?


Does that bother me?



Because we have a God who sees around corners. I could talk for pages about the providence of God and how His Mighty Hand has anointed and been on this ministry for decades.

My faith is in our God who sees the future around whatever twists and turns we might face. It is He who continues to lead us.

This week we’ll look at Mark 9 and the importance of “Next Level Greatness.” God uses “Divine Demotions” connected to our lives, our egos, and our pride to push us to be like Jesus. The sometimes harsh reality is that God defines greatness in a very unusual way and we will explore what that looks like.

Looking forward to a great Sunday of worship with you and the Lord this Sunday.