Next Level Unity

“Well, no one is perfect…”

It’s an expression I’ve used.

It’s not true.

Jesus is perfect.

“Oh, okay, of course - if you’re going to get all spiritual on me - yes, yes He was,” you might say.

So here’s a very deep question: “How did someone who was perfect act and react toward those who weren’t perfect?”

Don’t just breeze past the question. Reread it and let the implication sink in for a moment.

How did a perfect person act and react toward imperfect people?

How much grace do you think our Lord extended and extends?

Can we fathom it?

And here’s another thing: Do you realize everything Jesus did and said was right?

Again, don’t gloss over that. Don’t fly past it. Let it sink in.

Everything Jesus said and did was right.

Do you know people who have to always be “right”?

Are you one of those people who always has to be “right”? Even when you are wrong, you’ll trench in, dig in, and make war?

Have you encountered people that seemingly wherever they are, there’s drama?

Is it possible that by acting like we are better than others, by looking down on others, that we are actually thinking about ourselves too much, and these kinds of attitudes and behaviors are horrible?

Is it possible that these very things make this world ugly?

Is it possible they make it hard for people to see God?

So this week we are in Mark 9 talking about “Next Level Unity.”

This lesson has the potential to transform your life, this church, this community, and frankly - the whole world. I hope we can grasp it. I hope I can even come close to articulating it and then to living it out.

This applies to your family, your marriage, your workplace, your own personal head space, and the world. Let me encourage you to invite friends to this message. Every invitation is important. For whatever reason, God has pressed on me that there are a lot of people who need to hear this. Know someone burned by church? Invite and bring them. Know someone on the brink of divorce? Bring them.        

Looking forward to a great encounter, as ever, this Sunday.