It's Not My Church

I sent this letter out to our leadership this afternoon (excerpted):

This past Sunday both seating and parking were a bit challenging…if you are in 2nd or 3rd service please help to fill the aisle in…
….We had cars circling and circling on Sunday in between 2nd and 3rd.
In the past, some might say we might have run the services late. That’s not anywhere near the case this past Sunday so no need to even speculate in that direction. Simply high volume…
Blessings to all - looking forward to another great Sunday worshiping our Lord.

If you were one of the circling cars and either:

A.     Found a spot - then good for you

B.     Had the patience to wait for a spot to come open - let me say, “Thanks for hanging with us.”

We have both short term plans and long term expansions underway that will help address the growth we’ve had.  We’ll be knocking out a wall to create another classroom for our children’s area and we’re in the initial stages of designing another piece of architecture centered around children and youth. With that will come additional parking and a right in, right out, left in entrance coming from Nifong.

Also, to give you a “What to look for” this Sunday, in 2nd and 3rd service, Tyler Morris may lead you in a new set of dance moves only good at Forum called the “Forum Shuffle.” I know you can’t wait.

If you are new to Forum, the message last Sunday really describes who we are as a church. One of our ministers suggested we give it out to all first time or repeat guests. For sure, you can listen to it on the website at and click sermons or simply download the Forum app and hit the sermon button.

People have asked numerous times, “Why is your church growing so much?” Easy to answer, “It’s not my church, it’s God’s church and God is at work at Forum Christian Church. He’s working in the lives of believers and those just coming into faith. It’s beautiful to watch.”

Sunday, we’ve got a word from the Lord that we all need to hear (again). Why do I say it like that? Because Jesus did. As His followers, I perpetually want to move to the Next Level with Jesus. What if that Next Level is “down”? Are we willing to go there? I sure hope so… 

Looking forward to another stellar day worshiping our Lord with you.