Off To A Great Start



The Lord started 2016 off in a great way!

Lots of joy and laughter coupled with encouragement and prayer going on in the lobby this past Sunday.

While we had one of those moments where some were having a challenge finding seats, but everyone found one.

Some of our leadership teens and college kids are serving down in Barbados (image above).

Ami Wolfe was baptized into Christ.

Our auditorium was full.

Classrooms were full.

Women’s studies are up and running and hopping.

There’s just tremendous energy all over the place.

God is working in a very powerful way in your lives.

This past Sunday I preached about a next level courage talking about protecting our souls. Specifically: protecting your mind, body, and heart (our being/soul). It was a very very hard message to preach due to the personal transparency I used to illustrate the message. The response to this message has been overwhelming so if you missed it, you can pick it up here:


This Sunday’s message is going to help you get a very clear focus. We’ll study a big section of Mark 9. I think this message can help everybody get focused in a life changing way.

Looking forward, as ever, to a great encounter in the worship of God and in His word.