Trouble in the U.S./Incredible Opportunities

It’s a bad news/good news world

Good news or bad news? What do you want to hear first?

Bad news?

Here we go:

       At the national level the U.S. election of 2016, while it’s happening and it’s important, is a fiasco on so many levels.

       Currently Russia has moved nuclear weapons close to our NATO allies.

       Russian President Putin has ordered that Russians living abroad must return home

       Syria continues to get bombed by Russia and others back into the Stone Age while ISIS runs amok.

For me, these situations don’t cause one ounce of fear or trepidation but rather, these types of situations embolden me. We serve a great big God - of whom or what should we ever fear?

I believe that when things get dark, people gravitate towards the light. I think we, as followers of Jesus, can share the hope of the world. God is on His throne. Nothing escapes His attention. He never abdicates His throne. This is our Father’s world, may we never forget.

       This past Sunday, we witnessed videos of nine people being baptized into Christ.

       We’ve had 5 people since those videos baptized into Christ.

       Rochelle Gerdts, our Children’s Minister, communicated what a phenomenal group of kids and sponsors went to SuperStart (a Christ in Youth event) and how they’ve had some almost immediate results connected to generosity in their young lives.


       Jody Riley and I had the opportunity to pray over the recently born child (8 days old) of Noe and Esperance



       We’ve been both blessed and encouraged by the excitement and attendances at our luncheons (there’s still one you can sign up for) that give information connected to our master plan and next building phase

I believe God has Forum on a mission to intentionally connect people with Jesus. We are seeing that mission fulfilled every day. As we serve, and give, and invite, and pray, and love, and study God’s word, and grow - God continues to grow His church.

We are part of an incredible church that God has given a great opportunity to reach people for Jesus.

This Sunday, we’re talking about how we can all take on a mindset of being on mission with any person in the world. Looking forward to dialing into His word, applying it, and continuing to change the world. Hope you are too!