Do you worry?  

If so, about what?

“I’m worried about the world my kids are going to grow up in…”

“I’m worried about the status of the world…”

“When I look at all the stuff my grandkids are dealing with, I get so anxious.”

“I’m worried about the job market.”

“I’m worried about just making it.”

These are very real conversations. They are real concerns.

Worry then manifests itself with attempts to control.

I’m going to control where my kids go.

I’m going to control my money.

I’m going to try to help control how people vote by ranting and demonstrating.

So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. - Jesus 

So why would Jesus say something that seems unattainable?

Let me help us all.

1.     If you tend to want to control things: control is an illusion. You might be able to control your tongue, your temperament, your attitude - but apart from those things - control is not attainable.

2.     Our world has been, is, and always will be fallen and a mess. Hundreds of years ago people talked of a future utopia. We have more technology, more connectedness, more luxuries than ever - yet the world and even our country seems more miserable than ever.

3.     God’s kingdom transforms our souls. The dominant good I see in this world arises from God’s kingdom. I realize this world’s system doesn’t “get it.” They aren’t supposed to. I also realize there are many who would prefer God’s church and God’s kingdom just “shut up.” We cannot. We cannot allow this world to plunge into spiritual darkness.

4.     God provides. He takes care of the birds, the flowers of the field, and He takes much better care of you - His child.

As we continue in this Epic Vision series, we are focusing in on the mission to connect people to Jesus. And while, yes, we are having lunches and talking a little about the next facility, we only build facilities to facilitate. God is using Forum to connect people to Jesus.

This Sunday, we’ve got a special guest speaker. I rarely ever mention who is preaching because it’s never about any of us as a speaker but about God’s word. In this instance, though, it would be a great Sunday to invite anyone you know who might have ever felt marginalized or shunned by “the church”.  Caleb Kaltenbach will be preaching for us Sunday. Caleb grew up at Forum, he’s a successful minister in California, and the author of “Messy Grace”, a book he wrote out of his experiences of growing up with two gay parents and finding balance between grace and truth.