Hopes and Dreams

This past weekend a young man who grew up at Forum, named Caleb Kaltenbach, preached and did a great job for us sharing God’s vision of creating environments where people can feel safe as they seek God. That message was entirely in alignment with God’s vision and dreams for His church. [Fun fact: last Sunday was our all-time high attendance (non-holiday) in the history of Forum. Great job, let’s keep it up.

Among my favorite verses of the Bible connected to the movement of God and His Spirit in our lives is this:

‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. (Acts 2: 17)

It reminds of God’s desire for us to see possibilities (seeing visions) and for us to dream dreams.

There are times when God will give us glimpses of His vision for the future and His church. We’ll get one of those glimpses on Nov. 6 as we come together at Jesse Hall at 10:30 a.m. to worship, to engage in a service full of vision and dreams, and to commit.

That’s a day where we will all get a larger vision because our church body will be under one roof at one moment. I pray we fill up Jesse Hall that day.

As a ministry leader, God has placed on my heart the perpetual mission of intentionally connecting people with Jesus. It’s a mission statement. It’s a lifestyle for us corporately, and on a very personal level as well.

It’s from this, that my dreams arise. I do dream of a day when Columbia, MO knows Jesus as Lord. That every person - whether they are a CEO or they work as a janitor serving that CEO, whether rich or poor, whether a highly trained researcher, or a self-taught day laborer, whether young or old, no matter what ethnic background, whether athletic or physically or mentally challenged, and no matter what station of life - that everyone come to know Jesus as Lord.

Is that possible?

I believe it is, and I know God wants Forum to be part of this life changing, dynamic mission. He’s already using us and I fully believe and dream that He’ll use us even more effectively.

And I know the leadership and staff believe this to. I’ve got some fun and challenging information to share about them on Sunday.

I also know that you believe this. How? Because I hear of it throughout our community. So many new people continue to come to Forum because you are inviting them. People who fall into those very categories I mentioned above.

The dreams of the Lord are becoming a reality.

So as we ready ourselves to make personal sacrifices connected to this next facility, let me encourage you to dream big, to put your faith and truth in our Great God, and let’s all align with His mission for us.

This Sunday we’re looking at trusting God connected to following His vision where our stewardship and finances are concerned. This would NOT be a good Sunday to invite people who aren’t Christians to attend. If you’ve already invited someone, give them a heads up on this one. That said, you will get some of the best financial advice and insight that you’ll ever receive. Look forward to worshiping with you Sunday.