Taking Inventory

What an outstanding weekend we had having so many of our missionaries at Forum!

They are truly a blessing to us and to God’s world!

It’s encouraging to hear of the boldness of the workers in India, the perseverance of those in Haiti, the diligence of our workers in Barbados, the global equipping efforts of GNPI, the kids whose lives are shaped and changed by our children’s homes, the babies and expectant mothers who are nurtured by our local family clinic, and the list goes on.

To our Mission Team on behalf of the elders and staff of Forum we all say, “Well done.”

There are two items of important business I need to put in front of you for Sunday and the next weeks.

1.     This Sunday is the day for us to affirm elders and deacons at Forum. Here are the names of the men the leadership (arising from the congregation) are asking you to affirm:  Elder – Tim Myers, Deacons – Joe Armistead, Joe Brown, Steve Cowan, Jason Gibson, Tim Klimek, Paul McGowan, Henry Newcomb, Lucas Redburn, Mike Russum, Freddy Spencer, Hank Vandeventer, Tyler Wicks, and Wes Williams.

2.     Our Children’s Theater is leading out in our Christmas program this year. In conjunction with that, we are asking for blankets for senior citizens who are living in homes, assisted living situations, etc. as well as $5 to purchase a poinsettia for them. This is a departure from years previous where we gave gifts to kids. There’s a blessing there, but this year we really wanted to focus on probably one of the most overlooked segments of our community that are living all around us. See the bulletin for more details.

On a very personal note, Thanksgiving is next week. I’m compiling my list of graces and mercies from God connected to life and my list is getting astronomically long. Part of the reason I have such a long list is because I’m part of a great church where God is working in so many lives. My list includes special ministry moments over the year. It includes moments connected to our family and extended family. It includes day to day stuff that many might consider “humdrum.” It includes some things that are miraculous.

I’d encourage you to do an inventory of God’s work in your life and see the joy that unfolds in doing so.

We start a brand new series this Sunday called, “Simplify.” During this series, we’re going to share how to reduce the unimportant stuff, clutter, and time burners in your life so that you can have a fuller and more abundant life. Too many of us are walking around all torqued up about stuff and how we don’t have enough time. Scripture gives us some great insights as to how to deal with this. That’s what we’ll unpack over the next weeks.