The Cubs, Jesus’ return, and God’s Kingdom

I’m truly so excited.

As I write this, the Cubs are about 1 hour from playing the Indians in Game 7 of the World Series. Frankly, I’m waaaaayyyyyyyy more excited about Nov. 6 than a ball game. This ball game (most likely) won’t lead anyone to Jesus. Nov. 6 is going to make a huge difference in eternity - and you are part of that. I’ve been with a group of ministers from all over the US this week and I joked with them saying, “There’s a 20% chance that Jesus returns today, forever sealing the reality that the Cubs NEVER win the big one again.

When I look into our world and see God’s kingdom advancing, there’s a genuine sense of wonder and awe.

This week I’ve helped lead a bunch of ministers in a series of teachings and some one-on-one coaching. I’m doing this in alignment with Bob Russell ministries. Among the reasons the group asked me to be part of this is the incredible things God is doing at Forum.

You have no idea how encouraging some of the stories and life change that continue to happen at Forum truly inspire other ministers from all over the country. God is at work in our church. He’s at work in your family. He’s at work in your life.

I’m so charged up about the worship service happening on Nov. 6 and the faith and sacrifice that God unleashes through us when we do things like this.

Remember - it’s this Sunday at 10:30 a.m. in Jesse Hall. It’s time change Sunday, so fall back. If you have trouble walking, we’re providing golf cart shuttles for you from the parking garage.

As we continue to fulfill God’s Epic Vision for us, as we walk through a new door, I pray the Lord finds us faithful and faith-filled.

On a very somber note, one of our members was called home to be with Jesus this past Sunday. Louis Hendricks went into the presence of the Lord. The service to honor God and celebrate his life is this Friday at 12 p.m. Visitation is before that from 10 a.m. - 12. at the Forum campus.

On a very very personal note: Louis was a good friend. We studied the Bible together most Monday nights for 6+ years. His family is a wonderful family. Please keep Alicia, Ashlyn, Louie, Justin, and Benjamin in your prayers as they walk through this very tough season together.