I Think About Jesus

I love Christmas services so much! For whatever reason, they help me to travel down memory lane thinking about the best things in life.

I think of family and worshiping alongside of them.

I think of friends - some lifelong, some more recent.

I think about - when I’m seated there next to my kids, our voices joining in song.

And I think about the very best thing in life; I think about Jesus.

From inside of a manger, a newborn’s hand reaches out as the baby starts exploring His motor skills. As He breathes, His lungs fill with the night air. In the dimness of the night, the parents peer over Him with fearful anticipation.

“This is happening,” they must think to themselves. “What have we gotten ourselves into?”

A knock at the door. Joseph goes to see who would be calling on them at this time. There’s a group of shepherds here to see the baby.

“Shepherds?”, Mary asks. She’s just given birth and now strangers are here?

“They were told to come here by angels.”

Divine appointments usually aren’t convenient.

And as this humble crowd surrounds the infant, the Divine mystery of God’s plan begins to unfold.

And while we see plainly God’s plan of salvation fully unfolded in the life of Jesus, one element of the mystery still overwhelmingly profound remains. Specifically, why does God love us as He does? Why does He love us so very much?

While we may not ever understand the “Why?”, we rejoice at the inexplicable truth that He does love us vastly and immeasurably. He loved us so much that He sent His one and only son into this world.

This weekend, we’re celebrating the gift of God a lot at Forum.

We have worship services on Friday and Saturday at 4 and 5:30 and at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday.

I’m truly wishing you and yours a very Merry and Christ-filled Christmas!