I love the ongoing execution of vision and ministry happening at Forum!

This past weekend, we saw the Forum “Can-do/Will-do” attitudes displayed vividly.

Snow hits - our lots get scraped, one of our deacons and his daughter (love women power!) shovel the walks. Worship teams prayerfully arrive at 6:45 a.m. and prepare again for worship. As the morning unfolds, children workers are here in spite of the elements. The morning unfolds and God is glorified in His church.

Then, turn around at 3 p.m. and our children’s ministry and youth ministry team up to help watch over 130 children by having games, activities, crafts, food, and movie options so that moms and dads could have a Valentine’s night out.

So many of you sent notes of encouragement and affirmation to the team for that event. Know that our ministry team loves to serve and help you as couples and as families.

For those of you who were here, you also heard the Chairman of our Elders, Clint Miller lay out plans, hopes, and dreams connected to the mission God has in front of us. These include:

       Our Easter offering going to Campus House for a new dorm/worship facility

       A fall capital campaign to raise money to eliminate debt while helping to facilitate our next piece of facility that will center on children and youth

       Additional staff to help with the great and rapid growth Forum has experienced

It’s an exciting season of ministry at Forum. As ever, as we pray and seek God’s leading, we stay focused and anchored in God’s Word.

This Sunday we’ll be in Mark 12 talking about “A Next Level Heart.” Some of the greatest barriers in the minds of many unchurched people are “hypocrites.” I’ve heard people say, “The church is filled with hypocrites. Why would I want to spend an hour of my week surrounded by hypocrites?”

Friends, I know all of us struggle with sin and the “performance gap” between the ideal and the reality. I know this makes some of you (it sure does me) feel like a hypocrite. Jesus goes after hypocrisy head on in this week’s text. It’s one we all need to grapple with.

Hope you can be here to encounter God’s life giving and life changing Word. You may have some friends who you know struggle with thoughts along those very lines of church and hypocrisy - this would be a great Sunday to invite them to come to church.

Looking forward to a great encounter, as ever.