Thy kingdom come…

Over the past couple of days I was at the Johnson University Preaching and Teaching event in Knoxville, TN. It was great to see our two sons who are studying to be ministers. It was great to see Michael Rhodenbaugh studying to be a Christian counselor and thriving. It was great to hear some phenomenal preaching and teaching.

One of the things I didn’t expect though, was to hear so much encouragement from ministers throughout the U.S. saying how Forum, and the growth we are having is really encouraging and great to hear about.

We’re not publicizing or talking about the ongoing growth that’s happening here. But other ministries are hearing and noticing.

I had several people ask me what we are doing.
I had several people ask to join our staff.
I had some missionaries asking if we would consider supporting them.

And here’s the thing, in all of these things, as a leadership, we don’t have an “agenda”, or a “template”, or a design.

We pray.

We’re not sitting and strategizing every move we make.

We stay anchored in God’s word.

We’re also not trying to “force” growth and it’s not something we “worry” about.

We stay centered, focused on the throne of God.

Interestingly enough, that’s almost exactly what Jesus instructs the disciples in the next section of Mark. Christ is going to talk about local destruction and global uncertainty and gives His disciples a “here’s how to deal with this” type of teaching.

This would be a great week to invite friends.

Here’s my personal take on our world right now: there’s a boat load of uncertainty and dark and gloomy news on nearly every front. I received this email this week: “Awesome news in a bleak world. His kingdom keeps advancing!”

The word “gospel” means “good news!” We truly have the very best news in the entire world to share with everyone.

I pray the peace of Christ be evident in your life in this world of unrest.

I pray you share the good news in your life with someone who needs good news.

I pray the kingdom of God continue to advance and draw people into personal relationship with our Lord.

In the words of Our Lord: “Thy kingdom come…” Looking forward to a stellar day of worship with you on Sunday.