I Love Jesus

I love Jesus!

There’s just no other way to put it. There are times when I sit and marvel at the “big” and the “little” ways He works in my life and yours. I’m in one of those mystical moments right now as I type. And while it’s too personal and complex to share, the big time reality is God uses His word, His people, and His church to move His kingdom forward. I don’t deserve to be used. Deep down, I know He doesn’t need me - but I need Him. I hope you see His work in your life so vividly too.

God continues to work and move here at Forum!

As I mentioned in last week’s “Inside Forum” there are a lot of opportunities that God has in front of us as a congregation. I’ll elaborate.

    In last week’s “Inside Forum” I talked about some of the facilities changes in front of us.

    We’ve not talked about it publicly yet, but we’re in the process of seeking another minister to serve on our staff. Let me encourage you to be praying for us as we seek someone for this vital role. We’ve had so much growth that we need more on the team. This is a very specialized type of role, so please be praying about this. That’s all I can say about this at this time. Please pray (and please don’t ask questions because these are very sensitive matters on many, many levels).

    This past weekend, we set an all-time attendance record (non-holiday).

    The leadership of our church is fully unified connected to vision, direction, and implementation.

    We’ve been posting on our FB page song lists and the focal points for Sundays. Thanks for the great feedback from that as well.

I do need to mention an upcoming change that will be relatively noticeable and visible. In the very near future, we’ll have two off duty police officers who we will use as part of our security efforts. While we don’t talk about our security efforts, I can tell you this: we are very secure in comparison to other ministries I’ve served in. But those that lead the team, and our elders in full agreement, have decided we want another layer of protection and security for our church family.

Let me be overtly plain. There is nothing that has caused this decision to be made other than a proactive decision to help our campus and church body to thrive. 

As a thriving church body, we truly want to do the very best we can so everyone can have a great encounter every Sunday worshiping God.

Last Sunday we talked about a Next Level life asking the important reality of, “What if the next level for you is a step down?” We talked about service and laying our lives out as sacrifices for others. I hope you’ve done that this week. I personally had a couple of those types of opportunities this week, I hope you have too.

This Sunday we’ll see Christ entering into Jerusalem in Mark 11 leading Him to the cross. We’ll see people treating Him like a human king. Was that God’s goal? Was that His mission? We’ll see how our Lord helps to manage people’s expectations as we seek to become more like our Lord.

Looking forward to another stellar Sunday worshiping the Lord with you!