We Are A Part Of Something

Easter stands as the historic day of triumph for the entire world!

It’s great to experience that type of triumph in a 21st century church!

Truly the resurrection power is at work in the life of Forum Christian Church.

To have our choral group lead us to center on the cross in such a contemplative way on Good Friday really set the tone and focus for the weekend….

To witness the 3 testimonies of God at work in lives was truly powerful (and here’s what I know: there are literally thousands of testimonies of God working in our lives as a church)…

To experience 4 worship services where Tyler and his team truly led us to be “right there” with God….

To see our thriving and teeming children’s areas handling so many kids with great care…

To be part of a group of elders who perpetually pray over people for health or at great pivot points of decision in their lives…

To have an incredible ministry team who are on fire and sold out to the mission….

 …all these things culminate to remind us that God is truly working at Forum to advance His kingdom in a powerful and vivid way.

It’s also my humble and exciting privilege to announce to you that the Easter Offering we are giving to Campus House truly exceeded my thoughts as to where this might come in. We’ll be giving $60,000 to Campus House for their building project. Friends, this type of unity and generosity is what every minister and church leadership dreams of. It’s God’s design for the church.

Thanks for being such an incredible part of God’s kingdom mission to reach this world and this community.

This weekend we’ll talk about what God would have us to do to advance the kingdom. This mission specific action is “preaching.” Christ charges us to preach. Immediately, I write that and people will say, “I can’t preach!” “Isn’t preaching for those who are ‘called’?” And while that answer is both “yes” and “no,” the confession that “Jesus is Lord” should be our constant lifestyle. That confession, when lived out daily, fully transforms lives.

That proclamation, while simple, is at the heart of spreading the gospel. Trust me when I say, “The Lordship of Jesus in your life is truly a joy to share with anyone.”