It’s currently my favorite word that depicts that which is outstanding.

What God is doing in our lives as a community of believers is truly stellar!

Just this week we saw:

  • multiple people baptized into Christ. Great to see Jake Presti be baptized and then turn and baptize his wife, Brandi
  • our church staff hosted a lunch for Rotary International
  • we had an incredible “Connect” event
  • the ladies tea (I’m told) was outstanding
  • men, women, teens, and children gather for Bible study
  • we continue to have impacting and life changing worship gatherings


Children’s Theater is performing “Not Your Average Joe” Friday at 7 p.m. and Saturday at 3 p.m. Come, enjoy, and support these great young people as they glorify God with the talents He’s given them.

This Sunday, we have a very special announcement in all three services that we’re so thrilled to be able to make!

We’ll also continue to grow in our knowledge as we look at the last verses in the Gospel of Mark. This week, we’re truly taking to a whole ‘nother level as we not only look at the text, but what’s behind the text and how it was put together.

At our Connect Event, one gentleman said this: “The past three sermons have been among the very best I’ve ever heard in my life. This church is so biblical.”

One of our elders as well said, “I’m so proud to be part of a church that doesn’t ask people to check their brains at the door.”

That said, if you know people who tend to be skeptical connected about God, the church, the Bible, etc. this Sunday would be an incredible time to invite them to Forum.

Please guard your eyes and ears and hearts connected to your witness.

I personally blew it this week with one individual. We had a woman from a Hindu background come and ask about renting the facility for a performing arts situation and I only talked to her about the building. Ten minutes later I was furious with myself for not talking to her about Jesus.

I can do better than that.

We all can, right?

So let’s “go into all the world and preach the Good News.”


We’ve had many questions connected to the policemen who have been here on Sunday mornings. Our security team, our elders, and our staff wants Forum to be the most secure place on the planet for your family to worship God. As we continue to grow, we make next level decisions connected to our practices. This year the decision was for us to have off duty officers here helping to secure our facility. There have been no threats or concerns at all. We proactively do this for the safety of our campus.