Serendipity:  luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for.

I find, for those who follow God, that this definition of “serendipity” unfolds a lot. We’ll use words like “favor” or “the goodness of God.” We call this “providence” which means: God conceived as the power sustaining and guiding human destiny.

Nearly a year and a half ago, when praying through sermons for 2015-16 the phrase “Next Level” kept resonating over and over. God laying on my heart the gospel of Mark as the textual vehicle to challenge all of us to move to next levels was also very strong on my heart.

I didn’t know whether we (or even me for that matter) had the capacity of attention to stay in one book as long as Mark from cover to cover, and we did: a new level.

We didn’t know whether people would read through an entire book if given a reading schedule. You did. Next level.

What was also an unknown to us was what would happen as a ministry after we opened the new part of the facility. God continues to grow us as a church and as a ministry. God has taken us to a whole ‘nother level.

We put in front of you our Easter offering and gave our entire Easter offering to help build more facilities at Campus House on the MU campus. God prompted you all as a congregation to take that to an entirely different level.

This Sunday closes out our Next Level Series with one of the greatest components of the Christian life that literally does take you to another level. This is a great Sunday to invite someone you’ve been praying for about connecting them to Jesus. I pray for us as a congregation all the time for those exact types of interactions.

The following Sunday, we’ll start into a series called, “Messy Grace.” We’re using the scriptures used in the book “Messy Grace” by Caleb Kaltenbach as a trajectory for this series. Caleb came to know Jesus Christ at Forum Christian Church. He’s now a senior minister in Simi Valley, CA at Discovery Church and doing a great ministry. I’ve had Caleb speak here a couple of times. Anyway, we have a limited number of books that we ordered if you would like to purchase one. This book deals with the tension between grace and truth. We’ll wrestle through it together.

It’s an incredible season at Forum. Watching two excellent performances of our Children’s Theatre group last weekend of “Not Your Average Joe” was truly a great spiritual boost. Such great kids and families at Forum! Thanks to both families and all the servant leaders who made that great production happen.

We also currently have some of our congregation tracing the steps of the apostle Paul. Keep them in your prayers as they travel and note how God’s kingdom expanded and the vast ministry efforts of Paul and the early followers of Jesus.

Looking forward to another life changing and engaging Sunday at Forum. Hope to see you and a friend there!