We Are All Messy

Your three-year-old child makes a monster mess at dinner. Food is all over your kid, the high chair, the floor, and the walls. Somehow there’s food spray as far as the family room couch.

Do you stop loving your child because of the mess?

Your sixteen-year-old backs into your garage door (that was down) while “backing out” of the garage. 

Bad driving? Yes.

Stop loving the child? No

Your aging parents are dealing with some physical but also mental health issues as they age. Their previously spotless home is now a wreck. They’re not doing well. They need help navigating this.

Season of life? Yes

Do you stop honoring and loving and helping them because this is messy? No

There are many messes we are willing to deal with out of love, especially familial love.

How does this translate over into our spiritual life?

When we choose sin, we create messes. Spiritual messes that at times are out of control. If we are honest we’ll say, “We are messy people.”

When one sins against us, do we stop loving them?

What about people who we don’t even know? Will we label them by their sin and not associate with them because of their sin?

Do we get a “license to not love”?

There’s an enormous tension that exists between truth and grace - between acceptance of a person vs. acceptance of sin.

So we enter into a multi-week study called “Messy Grace.” We’re using the scriptures used in the book “Messy Grace” by Caleb Kaltenbach as a trajectory for this series. Caleb came to know Jesus Christ at Forum Christian Church. He’s now a senior minister in Simi Valley, CA at Discovery Church and doing a great ministry. I’ve had Caleb speak here a couple of times. Anyway, we have a limited number of books that we ordered if you would like to purchase one. This book deals with the tension between grace and truth. We’ll wrestle through it together.

Looking forward to God’s Spirit and His Word shaping our understanding of truth and grace. Admittedly, this series is going to challenge every one of us beyond our comfort zones - I know it has done that with me. So I’m looking forward to another great spiritual journey together.