Additions and Changes

So many incredible things going on at Forum that it’s hard to touch on every facet of ministry growth. I try, but it’s very very hard to do.

First off, I want to highlight the beginning of a new ministry to those who are single. The Impact Singles ministry started in April and continues to do well. If you know of anyone who is single looking for a place to connect with Christians, this would be a great place for them.

Next, I’ve got some outstanding information connected to some staff additions and internal staff changes.

I’ll start with the latter. Jody Riley has served on staff at Forum for over 10 years and has done and continues to do great ministry. After a season of prayer, we are moving Jody into the role of our outreach and connections minister. This new staff role will focus on helping connect people to Jesus both within the walls of Forum and outside of the walls of Forum. Jody, as ever, will bring a lot of vision and passion to this new ministry opportunity.

Which leads to me introducing to you a new staff member. His name is Blake Cohea. Blake is coming to us fresh out of college from Johnson University. Blake has been a standout ministry student. Most recently, he is completing his degree doing his senior year in a cohort study at Christ Church of the Valley in Glendale, AZ. CCV is the church that drew over 60,000 people to one of the football stadiums last year for Easter. Blake travelled for Johnson U as a student rep. and brings an incredible passion and depth to our ministry. He will serve as our middle school minister. It also will serve us well that he and Tyler Hensley served together at Fellowship Church in Knoxville, TN. Caleb Kaltenbach (who grew up at Forum and is a friend in ministry) and I were talking the other day and told me he had met Blake and what a great choice and addition he’s going to make to our staff. I couldn’t agree more. He’ll start in the middle of May.

In addition to Blake, we will be adding Elizabeth Critchfield in a part-time role in our worship arts area this fall. Elizabeth is also currently studying at CCV getting a Master’s degree in strategic ministry. You might wonder, “Why is he announcing this now?” Blake and Elizabeth will be married on Sept. 3 of this year. She’s a standout musician and worship leader and will work under Tyler Morris’ leadership as we seek to continue to advance the kingdom.

I just had lunch with the chairman of our elders, Clint Miller. Mostly we talk about and pray about people within our church family. We talk and pray for the staff and the other elders.  He also gave me a 1 minute update on our future building plans and it sounds great! Looking forward to sharing where we’ll be heading over the next couple of years as we seek to intentionally connect people to Jesus.


Community Outreach

Let me also encourage you to sign up to participate in “ForColumbia” which is a multi-church, city wide weekend of serving. This is happening April 22,23. If you register before April 10 you will get a free t-shirt and lunch. There’s childcare provided. 34 churches are currently involved. If you’d like to sign up, do it here: If you have any questions you can ask Jeff Bilbro at