That “old old story”

Bring a friend to Forum this weekend. It’s a great Sunday for your friend to hear the truth of God’s love.

There’s an old song that says:

“I love to tell the story - twill be my theme in glory - to tell the old, old story of Jesus and His love.”

That “old old story” is phenomenal.

It’s a story of love and relentless pursuit.

This Sunday, we’re in the series, “Messy Grace” talking about the reality of “the marriage of grace and truth.” We’ll look at what we commonly call “The Prodigal Son.” It’s my favorite parable because I so identify with it on many levels.

It’s the story of a father’s never give up type of love.

It’s the story of a son who woke up.

It’s the story of a big party and rejoicing.

It’s a story with a bad attitude.

It’s a life and heart changing story.

And it may change the heart of life of your friend. It may change your heart too.

Looking forward to a great encounter worshiping God with you this Sunday.

2 great announcements:

1.     Kate and Bradley Williams gave birth to their third child on 5/12/16 at 3:56. Josie Belle came into this world weighing 8 lb 15 oz. Mom and baby are doing great. And I’m sure the Williams men are thrilled and overjoyed.

2.     This Sunday is graduate Sunday where we’ll honor our graduating seniors in 2nd service. While details are on the ForHim student ministry page, grads - be in 2nd service and at the end of the service Tyler Hensley will have you all come onto the stage, give you a gift, and ask you to share future plans. We’ll then pray over you all.