God at Work

It’s great to be part of a praying church. To be part of over 500 people in second service surrounding our graduating seniors and praying for God’s blessing upon their lives is pretty stellar!

It’s been another great couple of weeks connected to the movement of God within the ministry of Forum.

This Sunday we’ll introduce you to Blake Cohea and Elizabeth Critchfield (soon to be Mrs. Cohea on September 3). Blake will lead our middle school ministry. He’s a recent Johnson University graduate having most recently completed a cohort program with Christ Church of the Valley in the Phoenix, AZ area. Elizabeth will work with us in the worship ministry starting this fall after their wedding. She has her undergraduate and Master’s Degrees from Johnson University.

This is an exceptional young couple who will be an incredible blessing to the ministry of Forum.

Just a reminder: NO - Jody Riley is not going anywhere - he’s going to be working in a different area of the ministry. He’s done an exceptional ministry with our students and will continue to help us execute our ministry of intentionally connecting people to Jesus.

Our summer children’s and youth ministry event called “Activate” is fast approaching. It’s been great seeing so many parents bringing in their sign-up sheets in to the office. Because there are specialty options for the week, let me encourage you to get your children signed up in advance so the team can best prepare for the week.

This Sunday we continue in the series “Messy Grace” talking about the concept of “A Messy Church.” As I was studying with my study team one of them, as we talked about the passage, said, “Have you ever been part of ‘The First Church of the Self-Righteous and Smug’?”

As he defined that type of an attitude, I can honestly say I haven’t. He described a church that was so full of self and hypocrisy and self-justification that they really don’t need (in their minds) Jesus.

May it never be. Christ gives some really strong warnings about these types of attitudes and how to overcome them.

Forum is that type of overcoming church. We want to stay dialed in to Jesus. He’s our Lord. He’s our savior. We need Him and His brilliant wisdom every day. So this Sunday, we’ll dive into the scriptures together. Do me a favor - this Sunday invite some people you know who need Jesus. Great Sunday for them to hear the heart of Christ and this church.

See you Sunday!