God's Timing

We finish out “Messy Grace” this Sunday focusing in on one of the greatest teachings of Christ our Lord. I’ve loved this series because I think it’s a great follow up series to our “Next Level” series that focused on discipleship. Disciples say “Yes” to the mess. Disciples don’t run away from the mess. Disciples, as did our Lord, actually go towards the mess.

It’s been such an outstanding season of ministry. I had lunch today with the chairman of our elders, Clint Miller and we both shared what a joy it is to serve such a healthy and vibrant church.

As a minister, it was so wonderful interacting with so many of your graduates. What a fine group of young people we have that we are prayerfully sending out.

I was also recently talking with one of our 5th grade leaders and he was telling me about a boys’ camp out that recently happened. He told of what a great group of young men are moving up into the middle school area.

So, great job moms and dads of diligently raising your children knowing the Lord Jesus, helping them know how to behave with honor and respect, and prioritizing great friendships at church surrounded by positive young men and women whose parents also prioritize those same things.

I’m glad of the timing on Blake Cohea - to be here as summer starts, as promotion into the next grade levels are happening, and the array of youth activities occurring - that all of that came together perfectly.

I’ve never done this before, ever (that’s a big statement, isn’t it?) but over the next couple of weeks Melody and I will be on vacation. I mention it because it happened because of an action of God. One of the ways we chose to sacrifice for our stewardship campaign was to significantly scale back on our vacationing. Last year was our 30th wedding anniversary and while we desired to do something “big” for our 30th, with even greater joy, we kept our commitment.

Then, something astronomical happened last fall. I was at a minister’s retreat and someone who I will never meet set up a foundation for ministers and their wives to vacation together anywhere in the world they so choose. There were some financial and spiritual stipulations by this person (who awarded this to 9 ministers). But Melody and I were awarded this opportunity. So Melody and I will be in Paris for our 31st anniversary (which is where we truly wanted to go for our 30th). Sometimes the action and activity of God and the way He moves truly overwhelms and mystifies me.

Admittedly, I get more emotional and charged when someone is baptized into Christ. I get more thrilled when I hear a 9 year old young man or woman recite a memory verse. I feel more excited when I see or hear of one of you stand up for Jesus, or pray with a coworker, or serve the Lord like down at Loaves and Fishes. But when Bob Russell (the former minister of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville) told us about this, all of our mouths just dropped open as we were dumbfounded.

So for the next couple of weeks, I’ll be celebrating with the wife of my youth, spending alone time with her, and cherishing the life God has given us with our kids, in ministry, and with one another.

Keep us in prayer as we will keep our Forum family in our prayers.