Grace and Truth

So many great things happening in the life of Forum right now that it’s always tough for me to know exactly where to start:

       We had a great “Marriage Matters” trivia night

       Great to see so many people baptized into Christ in the month of April. While the Lord and the church celebrates every decision made, it was truly wonderful to be part of Hedy’s (who grew up Muslim) baptism into Christ.

       Our son Parker graduated from college (he’s studying to be a minister). It was great to also see Blake Cohea and Elizabeth Critchfield graduate as they will be working at Forum in the very near future. Blake will begin May 18.

This Sunday we are dedicating 10 sets of parents who will stand before us as a congregation and before the Lord saying, “We want you as a congregation to pray with us for our child. We desire our child to come to know the Lord and we are dedicated towards them knowing Jesus.

It will also be Mother’s Day. Honor your father and mother is the first commandment from The Lord with a promise. I think it’s more than fitting that we are going through “Messy Grace” for this holiday in that Caleb Kaltenbach really had to wrestle with the reality that “My mom and dad aren’t anywhere close to Jesus. How do I honor them while honoring my Father in heaven?”

Is there a tension between grace and truth?

Which leads towards two deeper questions:

            Do you know what true grace looks like when you give it?

            Do you know what the truth is and do you share it?

I had one of those great conversations this past week with someone who is new to Forum. The person shared with me how great and refreshing it is to have found a church that is so very biblical that is also so very loving and accepting.

At day’s end, I am perpetually reminded that “God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

Looking forward to celebrating and exploring that reality this Sunday as we look at “No Compromise.” Looking forward to worshipping the Lord with you as ever.

A look down the road:

On November 6 we will have a united service at Jesse Hall on the University of Missouri campus. I want to encourage everyone now to put that date on your calendar and save that date and that Sunday for this special gathering.