Incredible Summer

What an incredible summer!

Kids at church camp thriving.

Teens having summer activities together.

Great worship.

People inviting friends to church.

I watched a father baptize his son Monday night.

Phenomenal action of God going on.

We hosted a Connect Event Tuesday night and nearly 60 people who are new to Forum were in attendance. We’ll post the dates for the next Connect Event soon but that’s by far the largest group of guests we’ve ever hosted.

This Sunday we continue our “We believe” series talking about God’s church.

The big idea is this: We believe there is one Church, made up of all those who are personally related to God through His Son Jesus. We encourage the unity of all Christians, and believe this unity can be achieved when love for Jesus is greater than love for man-made traditions. We do not claim to be the only Christians, but strive to be Christians only.

God designed His church to be His acting agent of change and salvation to the world. Since Christ’s resurrection and until the return of Christ - God’s church will continue to faithfully represent Jesus on this earth.

And here’s the greatest truth: We are the Church!

Through the action of God we are the redeemed, the saints, God’s ambassadors, the representatives of Christ!

While I (and all of us) fall well short of the complete image of Christ, we are all the handiwork of God working together to bring the good news of Jesus to this earth.

Looking forward to being part of this message of love, grace, and hope this Sunday. I personally can’t wait.