A Fresh Perspective

Last night on the way home from dinner  we saw a hot air balloon slowly descending out of the sky. As we continued to drive towards home it became apparent that the balloon was going to land near where we live. The excitement began to build as our two boys eagerly moved their heads in every possible direction to catch the best glimpse of the hot aired wonder. As we pulled up to a stoplight we witnessed the landing of the hot air balloon just yards from us. We quickly moved into the turn lane to make sure we had a front row seat to this magical moment. Just seconds later the giant basket carrying three very concerned faces landed with a giant thud and then we watched as the basket was dragged along the street by the gentle breeze that was moving the giant hot air balloon. I had never seen a hot air balloon land in the middle of street before and especially in the middle of Chapel Hill Road.

My kids unbuckled from their seats faster than I have ever seen before and stood there in a wide-eyed wonder at the splendor and colossal size of the balloon. Honestly, we all stood there and just stared – partly amazed, partly stunned at the location of the pilot’s landing. It served as a fresh reminder of the awe and wonder that is possible when the seemingly common is viewed from a new perspective. It is not uncommon to see a hot air balloon flying off in the distance. We might point it out if there is a child nearby, but for most of us the sight of a hot air balloon does very little to capture our full undivided attention. If you were to see a hot air balloon land just yards away from you however, your reaction might be a little different. The sheer size and scope would cause all of life to pause and your eyes would fix on little else.

I couldn’t help but think of the new series we are starting this week entitled “We Believe.” In a lot of ways, we are going to approach some ideas that may be familiar and common to a lot of us. My hope and prayer is that from the perspective and angle of our view it evokes a similar sense of awe and wonder of God that my family had while staring at the hot air balloon.

This is a great series to invite that friend or family member that has been on your heart lately, maybe that co-worker who seems to be teetering on the brink of belief. As we explore the core foundations of what “We Believe” we will also talk about how those beliefs shape and impact how we live our lives. So on the one hand it will be a series about the central tenants of our faith, and on the other hand it will be a practical series about how to live those beliefs out in everyday life. Join us on Sunday and bring a friend.