God is working all around us

This past weekend, the Lord drew my daughter Courtney and her husband together in marriage. “What God has joined together, let no one separate.”

Do you realize God drew you together with your spouse? Do you realize that relationship is part of God’s ongoing work in you?

This past weekend, Blake Cohea delivered his first sermon at Forum. Didn’t he do a great job of challenging us to pour out our lives in service because of our relationship with Jesus? Blake is our middle school minister who both kids and parents have fallen in love with and are growing in Christ because of. That’s God’s handiwork.

Our executive minister, Bradley, and I were talking about all the great things going on in the ministry - in the staff - in our leadership, and we had one of those sit back moments of, “Wow, God is so very very great. Isn’t it great to be part of a church that is on mission for God?”

And it is.

Over the next weeks, you’ll start receiving information connected to where God is leading us as a church in terms of future facilities, ministries, etc. The leadership is asking you to pray about some new ministry elements for Forum.

I’m thrilled at the way God is working in my life, in our church, in your lives, in the life of my family, and all around. This sermon series “LifeWater” has reminded me so much about the incredible refreshing and abundant life we have in Jesus Christ. This week we’re talking about one of the greatest promises of our Lord: heaven and eternal life.

This would be an excellent weekend to invite friends to hear about the incredible gift of Jesus and about eternal life. It’ll be a great blessing to anyone who is here.

Looking forward to a great encounter worshiping the Lord with you all Sunday.