Chasing You

I had a parent call me on Monday. Their oldest child is going to college this fall. She tells me how her son texted her asking where she and her husband were (He came to the 9:30 service, they were coming at 11). She asked, “Why?” “Because it’s really good stuff today.”
She went on to tell me of when they got here he told them of the great worship, the new song that he’d already downloaded, and the message. She told me later in the day, he was laying out some of his purposes connected to college. She shared what, “…a great blessing it’s been to have so many people - youth ministers, children’s ministers, youth workers, and the whole staff who really poured into him. We never had to drag him or ‘make’ him come to church. He always wanted to be there. I can’t tell you how wonderful that’s been and I know you all don’t hear that type of encouragement enough. Tell the staff and everyone how much this church means to us.”
“I will,” and I am.
I’m really excited about this series “Chasing Daylight” because I think it’s going to help a lot of us reexamine our lives and our priorities and get focused on those things that are most important.
I also want to give a huge shout out to our staff:
-to Jody Riley - great ministry with the last 2 Connect Events
-to Tyler Hensley - great job with our high school overnight lock-in
-to Bradley Williams and Blake Cohea - thanks for doing great jobs in the pulpit as I caught a breather this summer
-to Tyler Morris and Elizabeth Critchfield (soon to be Cohea) - worship at Forum is always stellar- but also, great new song, Chasing You, beautifully led this past Sunday.
Last, you should receive our fall newsletter over the next couple of days. Let me encourage you to read it thoroughly in that vision, future plans, and our trajectory are in it. It’s been incredible seeing The Lord working in such a strong way here at Forum.
This Sunday, we’ll be in Ecclesiastes 3 if you’d like to read ahead and get some perspective. It’s one of the most poetic and insightful passages in the entire Old Testament. Looking forward to a stellar day worshiping our Lord this Sunday. - Scott