New Relationships

“Chasing Daylight” seems to really be engaging us as a church and community in a deep and profound way. God is good. God’s word challenges us, it equips us to witness for Him, it molds us to be more like Jesus.

I’m so mindful of the reality that there are so many people without true hope. People are putting their hopes and dreams into stuff, into other people, into popularity, into pleasure, and so many other things that ultimately produce a hollow shell of existence.

I know we are making a difference. Six people were baptized into Christ this past Sunday and we celebrate their decisions. For those who have attended Forum since I started here, you know I don’t talk about numbers very often. But last Sunday, as a ministry we had the largest attendance (non-holiday) that we’ve ever had. As a staff, we’re all looking forward to a great fall season striving to advance God’s kingdom.                                                                                                      

So this Sunday, we’re going to be in Ecclesiastes 4. There was one verse that I’ll touch on this Sunday (but only in passing) that says:

Then I observed that most people are motivated to success because they envy their neighbors

For me, that’s one of those “ouch” verses. It’s a verse that I need to read and reread for a lot of reasons.

But the primary focus for this Sunday will be on “Vital Relationships.” I’m praying for all of us to have Jesus at the center of all of our relationships. We’ll talk about the some of the “whys” and “hows” this Sunday.

I’m praying for new relationships for students as they go back to school.

I’m praying for new relationships and friendships for all of us that grow us in faith and Christ.

I’m praying that followers of Jesus at Forum be the most relational people in this town.

Jesus died for us to have a relationship with Him, with His Father, and with the Holy Spirit.

Looking forward to an incredible worship and teaching encounter with all of you this Sunday!


Partners in Education:

This fall’s community engagement for children connects with our Partners in Education, West Blvd Elementary School. In the hallway that connects our lobby to the adult education wing (past the bathrooms and elevator) there’s a place for you to get information as to what you can give to help kids going back to school. Let’s shower this school with a great outpouring for them.