Flash Prayer Mob Breaks Out In Forum lobby

As a minister, we had one of those “days” that when it happens you simply say, “How cool is that?” and, “Praise God!”


On Tuesday, the chairman of our elders, Clint Miller organized what I’m calling a “flash prayer mob” that came and circled around us as a ministry team and prayed for us.


When one graduates from seminary, you hope and dream that the church you serve will be the type of church that does those very types of things.


Our whole staff was quite overwhelmed and thankful. And I know not everyone could make it for that because several messaged me. Let me ask you to continue to pray for our staff and our ministry.


God has given to us a tremendous stewardship of being faithful as we minister to so many people. Everyone on our staff takes this mission so very seriously.


This past Sunday was the largest single non-holiday attendance we’ve ever had. If you were in second service, you probably noticed we were a little tight. I’m pleased to say that the changes we’ve made over the past two years facilitated that being possible. We could not have been able to have that many people on a week to week basis two years ago.


That said, this level of growth will push us once again towards capacity. As leaders, we’ve put in front of you the next plans that will address some of our growth challenges and we’ll be talking about that a lot in October.


Let me give you a quick recap of this week in ministry:


   Children’s Theater kicked off with an enormous number of talented kids (I’m already looking forward to their performances!)

   Our middle and high school ministries kicked off with great turnouts as well

   Our Women’s ministry launched their fall studies

   Tyler Morris and Joe Brown introduced their original song “Chasing Daylight” which was stellar! Love it that we are part of a church that has that level of talent within it

   And the flash prayer mob made our week


Here’s some great stuff happening in the immediate future:


       College Age luncheon this Sunday right after 3rd service in the lobby

       New Bible Study offering led by Dr. Kurt Jefferson connected to Israel and Judaism from a historical, scriptural, and geo-political vantage point that begins September 11 during the 11 a.m. hour in room 200


This Sunday, we’ll be in Ecclesiastes 5 looking at how to grow character and substance in your life (vs. the hollow shell that we’ve seen time and time again in Ecclesiastes). God is good and I’m so looking forward to worshiping together this Sunday.