Return On Investment


In that we are heading into a capital campaign to raise money for our next building phase, one of the questions that’s come my way is, “Do we need to build? Do we need to do this?”

Let me ask a question, if you were approached in 2010 and guaranteed a 38% growth on an investment, would you take it?

Is that a good investment?

When you give to God’s kingdom, it’s an investment in people’s eternity. As a ministry, since 2010 we’ve experienced 38% growth with God leading new people to our ministry every day.

God is using you.

God is blessing our giving and sacrifice.

God is impacting people’s eternal destinies through our ministry.

That growth calls for additional facilities.

Remember, facilities facilitate. Our next phase will once again help to reach more people for Jesus.

On a personal note, I love investing in God’s kingdom. Those investments give eternal yields.

Interrelated to this: Does God encourage investment? Does the Bible give investing tips?

As is ever the case, God desires that we have His wisdom and sure enough, the Lord gives us great insight connected to our stewardship and investing.

We’ll talk about it this Sunday. Looking forward to an incredible experience! See you then.