Race. Unity. Vision… And Epic Vision.

What is God’s vision and will for your life? Does He have purpose for you? For your children? For our community? For our church? For this world?

This week there was another racial incident on the MU campus. Does that align with God’s desire for this world?

Let me quickly answer that:


And here’s where the secular, Darwinian universe fails miserably: we are not creatures thrown together by random chance.

The Creator of the universe fashioned the first humans in His image. The Bible flat tells us that when we curse another, we are in actuality cursing people created in the image of God. These types of behaviors aren’t simply “wrong”, they are sin.

Now, I’m not casting the first stone at anyone and here’s why: I know I’m an offender of diminishing people at times. While the people who used racial epithets on the MU campus may have a log of sin in their eye, I’ve got my own specks and logs to deal with in other areas.

But, to the world and humanity, we can do better than this. God calls us to higher places. Places where we hold every human as someone who God values.

Does God value you?


So much so that He paid the ultimate price for you - namely His son Jesus.

So this Sunday we start into our Epic Vision: Opening a New Door campaign. And over the next month you’re going to hear the vision that God has been fulfilling in our ministry at Forum and how you can join in executing that vision.

On November 6 we will gather at Jesse Hall in unity as a church for various commitments towards the mission God has us on.

This Sunday we are talking about intentional unity and greater faith. Do me a favor - look up Genesis 11:6 and Hebrews 11:6 and read them and pray over them before Sunday. Those are the passages we’ll be talking about Sunday getting us ready for 11:6. I’m excited about what God is doing here in every area of ministry. I’m excited about the team of leaders, the staff, and the vision God has put in front of us. Looking forward to a great worship encounter with you Sunday. Invite a friend or family. I know I say the word “campaign” and some people will think “Okay, I don’t want to invite anyone during this time frame.” I get it. I’ll tell you the Sundays NOT to invite people to - this isn’t one of them. Looking forward to an incredible encounter. - Scott