I’m not an American first and Christian second…

In that this Sunday is 9/11, I would remind us that it’s been 15 years since that action of terrorism was unleashed on our country by terrorists. 

It still causes great pause.

Probably the greatest pause it causes for me is this: I feel nothing but love and sorrow for those who don’t know Jesus. I’m not an American first and a Christian second. I’m a Christian first, a Christian second, a Christian third…and strive to be a Christian in every element of life and thought. As followers of Christ, His thoughts and actions should permeate our souls and minds. 

I believe the Scriptures reveal the One true God. I feel sorrow for those who have learned about a false god and have been taught lies under the guise of truth. I pray that the global entity called “God’s church” reaches everyone with the truth. I realize that people cannot help where they were born, what wrong teachings they’ve been under, what political system they were born into, etc. 

So what can we do? 

We can pray for them. We can pray for our country. And we can for certain invite people who don’t have a relationship with Jesus here in Columbia to our church (or steer them to another church for that matter) to help them come into relationship with Jesus. 

This series, “Chasing Daylight,” really seems to be impacting a lot of us. It’s challenging us to step back and take inventory of the important elements of life. 

This Sunday will be no different. This Sunday’s message may be among the most important messages you, or your friends, or your family could ever hear. This will be a great Sunday to invite and bring people you know to come and encounter God’s truth. 

God is in the business of saving people and changing their lives. 

He communicated to the whole world His love through Jesus Christ. He communicated to us about abundant life, eternity, eternal life, and how to be in a relationship with Him. 

I want to thank my preaching compadre, Bradley, for doing a great job connected to last week’s message about mist management vs. the gift.  Everyone who steps into the pulpit at Forum always opens up the Bible and speaks God’s truth into our lives. I truly value our ministry team and likemindedness. 

This past weekend, Melody and I had the privilege of witnessing our middle school minister, Blake, and our assistant worship minister, Elizabeth, become Mr. and Mrs. Cohea. She was a beautiful bride and the whole event was God honoring. Let’s all lift them up in prayer as they start their journey as husband and wife.  

Looking forward to us all gathering in worship, in God’s word, and in communion together. See you Sunday. - Scott