The Rear View Mirror

I’ve never driven a car backwards for more that a couple of hundred feet at a time. 

Most of the time, it’s a short back up. 

Trying to drive while constantly looking in the rear view mirror would be hazardous. 

It’s the time of the year when we, as ministry leaders, start compiling pieces of information that highlight God’s work at Forum over 2016. While the numbers can give a snapshot, they don’t tell the whole story. Additionally, as a ministry we strive to intentionally connect people with Jesus Christ so we constantly look out the windshield at the mission field in front of us. 

Anyway, in that this week I’m taking a short trip down memory lane as I look into the rear view mirror called “2016” it’s incredible to see the activity of God over and over and over. 

We see that activity both in the past and in the present. I’m looking forward, with great joy, to sharing some of those recollections over the next several weeks as well as laying out God’s ongoing mission and vision for Forum. 

In the meantime, God continues to work. This past Sunday night our youth ministry had their single largest attendance ever with 104 people worshiping together! Our students worshiped, they were taught from God’s Word about kindness, and they are growing together. 

This Sunday, we’re talking about God’s design for His church. Do you realize you are part of a superstructure designed by God that impacts every corner of planet Earth? Do you realize God has placed you around others to support them and gain support?  Do you realize the incredible God is using His designed entity, the church, as a vehicle to change Columbia, MO? God’s church is changing people’s eternal trajectories. It helps us become more like Christ. It helps us to be faithful and faith filled. It helps marriages to stick. It helps teens to follow straight paths. While God’s church isn’t perfect - none of us are. 

And we are the church. As I’ve said every week, “Church is more of a ‘we’ thing than a ‘me’ thing.” 

Looking forward to us talking about God’s beautiful bride, His church, this Sunday. See you then! - Scott