Mystical Moments

In my opinion, 2017 has started off as a precocious year here in Columbia. This past weekend, we had one of those hard decisions to make in regards to having church. As I posted on our Facebook page: We love worshiping together. We do everything we can to do that.

And we do.

Over the 11.5 years I’ve been part of making those decisions, we’ve gotten it wrong 2 times. 1 time we could have had worship. 1 time we shouldn’t have. This past Sundays weather forecast resembled both of those times.

But it sure was awesome to see the one service at 11 very packed. It was an excellent worship service. Tyler Morris introduced a hymn, The Churches One Foundation, that he wrote a chorus that goes with it. Tyler and I have had this discussion so many times over the years, specifically the reality that hymns are fading and while new songs are fresh expressions of faith, there’s also a beauty in linking to the historic elements of faith. In that moment, as we were singing those old words coupled with the new chorus, I was personally transported into a very sacred space. A place where what God has done in the past and what God is doing in this moment is transcended and mystical.

I love us worshiping together.

We’ll do everything we can for that to happen.

Bradley did a great job as well continuing in the “Our story” series reminding all of us of our corporate identity in Christ. It’s not an individual identity because it’s not about you, it’s not about me, but it’s about God’s glory advancing in this world through His church.  It’s a corporate identity. And here’s why this is so vitally important: I’m not 100% like Jesus. I know that shocks you. And (another shocker) you’re not 100% like Jesus either. As a collective body, God uses one another to fill in one another’s gaps so the world can see Jesus through US. Our identity is in Christ.

This Sunday we’ll continue to expand on this incredible reality. This would be a great Sunday to invite friends and family to worship at Forum. God is working in incredible ways in our lives together.

Looking forward to a great encounter worshiping together this Sunday!