real people

God is always at work in our lives, whether we spot it or not. He’s working to reveal Himself in your life for His glory.

She was broken and hurt. She needed someone to pray with her.
His primary relationships were broken. He desperately needed friends and support.
He was a teen who a friend invited to youth group.
She was finishing her residency and felt overwhelmed. 

Real people, invited to church by a friend, who eventually gave their lives to Jesus.

It all started with a simple invitation.

The invitation wasn’t a treatise, but rather a heartfelt “I’d love you to come to church with me.”

Just this week, I’ve had personal opportunity to both invite and share my faith with 5 different people who aren’t in relationship with Jesus and invite them to church.

This is a higher volume week for me.

One of them hadn’t been in a church building since he was 12 or 13 years old. When I started talking to him about Jesus and His love, he teared up. I’m praying the gospel will sink in.

Personally, I’ve been on Facebook and Social Media less and less for various reasons (reasons anyone who knows me even a little could guess). But the limited times I’ve been on this week, I’ve seen so many of you sharing your hope and your faith.

That’s being the witness God called you to be.

And our witness, the witness of His church, is having a great impact. This past Sunday, we had the single biggest non-holiday attendance we’ve ever had. I personally had prayer with many people throughout the morning. God is stirring our hearts.

This week, we continue in “Our Story” talking about being called by God for a purpose. We’ll be talking about our witness and actually lay out some templates for how you can share your faith.

And here’s what I know:

Every one of us wants to share our faith with someone. Deep down, we desire so desperately, but there are some things that tend to hold us back some times. We’ll help all of us to grow in this area this week.

Looking forward to another great encounter in worship and the word this Sunday. - Scott

PS - thanks for the emails, notes of encouragement, messages, and texts about last Sunday’s message. That one was a tough message for me. When I share personal stuff, it makes me feel so vulnerable. Thanks for being a church body that lets me be a real person.