Making A Difference

God invites us into His Story. He takes us and uses us for His glory.

This week I’ve been on the campus of Johnson University. We have 3 students from Forum studying there. I love that we have a church that helps students see how they can serve and help to expand the kingdom of God. We currently have students there, at Ozark Christian College, and at Central Christian College of the Bible all studying for various areas of ministry.                                                                                                                        

Additionally, it was also great to hear of the incredible movement of God throughout the world. As many of our high school students and sponsors get ready to go to Barbados and serve with Windward Island School of Evangelism. Brice Wurdeman is the director there. He grew up at Forum.

I received an email asking for me to be a reference for a ministry student I know as she is applying at a church that is led by another minister who grew up at Forum.

I write all of this to remind all of us that what is taking place at the corner of Forum and Nifong is rippling out all over the world. What God is doing in our lives is making a mammoth difference in eternity.

And while we have great ministry for children, youth, and adults taking place at Forum and Nifong, God is using this ministry to help shape and change this world.

I’m so humbled and excited to be part of it. I hope you are too.

This Sunday, we’ll continue growing in His Story as we look at John 14. Jesus came to give us peace. In our current world and climate, peace feels elusive. The ability to have an inner peace that transcends and overcomes the anxieties and stresses of this world is a huge gift. How do we tap into this and maximize it?

I love that God gives us answers and insights. Looking forward to another great Sunday worshiping the Lord together.