your potential

I have some nerd tendencies.

I happen to be a theater lover. So, in Man of La Mancha there’s a woman by the name of Aldonza Lorenzo. She’s a man’s mistress and people esteem her as a low-life, wanton woman. However, one man sees beyond her issues and sees beauty. He calls her and sings to her the name he calls her, “Dulcinea.” This means “sweetheart.”

This man saw beyond her shame and past and saw within her beauty, promise, and potential.

If God were to call you the name you’ve earned, what would that be?

Liar? Luster? Loser? Pervert? Promise breaker? Mediocre? Selfish? Idiot? Lazy?

Honestly, I find myself calling myself some of those very things. This is one of the things Satan truly does to get inside our heads and hearts. He tries to derail us.

And too often we listen to those lies.

Aren’t you glad God doesn’t call you the name you’ve earned?

Aren’t you glad God accepts you just as you are?

Aren’t you blessed to know God takes you where you are and helps you become like Jesus?

This week we continue in “Our Church” in 1 Peter 4 talking about how to thrive amidst the challenges of life. There’s a great verse in there that says, ”However, if you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but praise God that you bear that name.”

I’ve had two different conversations this week where the person(s) used this phrase. “It feels like the Devil is working overtime.”

There are so many challenges and hardships on this earth. God designed His church for us to overcome these things together. His word and His body keeps us grounded in hope and truth. So I’m so looking forward to us worshiping together and talking thought these truths. It would be a great Sunday to invite friends to be at Forum.

See you Sunday!