Part Six: Christ-Centerd Perseverance

Blake Cohea - 7.9.17

As Christians we are often aware of what God has called us to do, but we often lack the courage to step out and trust Him. Paul urges us to be strengthened by God, strengthened by community, and to preserve through all of life's hardships for the advancement of the gospel.

Part FIVE: It's 'What' not 'If'

Bradley Williams - 7.2.17

We are going to leave a legacy of some kind. The question is what kind of legacy? In this sermon Bradley explores what one of the most important things we can leave behind is and how we can do it.

Part Four: The Fight

Scott Sutherland - 6.25.17

At times, you feel like you are in the fight of your life. You “win” that fight and then there’s another and another and another fight. And these struggles and challenges just keep coming. Spiritually, emotionally, fiscally, in your job, in your family these fights seem to just multiply. In this message,  God’s  word gives us insight, power, and hope to overcome.


Scott Sutherland - 6.18.17

What does it mean to be a “pacesetter”? What areas of life would God have His followers to set the pace? What are the benefits of setting the pace? This message explores the great opportunities we have when we choose to set pace in godly directions. 

Part Two: Equip and Empower

Scott Sutherland - 6.11.17

You can’t fake character. Yet we live in a world with a lot of “fakes.” Fake news, fake online personas, and spin doctors seem to have way too much influence on our society. So how does God define character? What attributes does God look for us to develop? This message cuts through the smoke and mirrors of the world’s system and talks about God’s design for life, character, and leadership. 


Scott Sutherland - 6.4.17

Do you want to be the best “you” you can possible be?  Relationships are vital for our lives. This message focuses on how to develop relationships that bring out the very best in all of us.