Part Four: The Anatomy of the Surge

Bradley Williams - 9.3.17

In this examination of Nehemiah 8 we explore the essential component to every comeback story - the surge. The strategies and practical application in this chapter will challenge and inspire us to move beyond the problem, through the surge, and experience the triumph.

Part Three: Overwhelmed!

Scott Sutherland - 8.27.17

So many times we don’t know where to start or what the next step is. In this message, you’ll get great insight that gives you a spiritual template of how to take next steps in your life. It will also give you great insight as to how to overcome the challenges you face when you launch out into something new. 


Scott Sutherland - 8.20.17

God calls for transformative and radical life change in our lives. Too often we treat Jesus as an add on to our lives rather than the Lord of our lives. In this message, God’s word challenges you to repent and change

Part One: Jonah

Scott Sutherland - 8.13.17

In this message on resurgence, Scott talks about an individual and a city that goes through great change. Change requires great energy, effort, and a different attitude. In this message, we see God taking extraordinary measures to help people change so they can be saved.