The 8:00 service is our 'Classic' service which features a more hymn driven song service.


The 9:00, 10:15,  and 11:30 services feature a more contemporary music style. The teaching element of each service stays consistent throughout all four services as well as communion and offering.



We practice weekly, open communion, which means that all believers are invited to enter into the story of Jesus through the bread and the cup. Communion will be served by row for you to partake of and then is passed on to your neighbor.



Your gift helps us to advance our mission of intentionally connecting people to Jesus.  As a church we also support many other ministries outside of Forum. You can click on the  'give' button at the top right of the page to give online.


The environment at Forum is friendly and a relaxed "come as you are" style. We are a nondenominational Christian Church. Week to week teaching comes from the Bible. As a church, Forum centers on Jesus and encourages people to center their lives around Him, His word, and His teachings. As a church, we strive to follow the Bible both in what we teach and in how we live.