What's Next?


Easter weekend was phenomenal! 

Great job to the worship team and Tyler Morris for adjusting to the strained circumstances of no power in the facility and putting things together for us to worship God in the Good Friday service. Everyone adjusted well to the extreme circumstances and God was praised in a mighty way. The lack of electricity brought an intimacy to the room in an uncanny, and God-uplifting way. Bradley's message on Good Friday connected the suffering of Christ to the reality that you are worth dying for; this truth continues to change lives today. It was great worshiping in the dark with you on that Friday night.

Then Easter morning, as we celebrated Christ’s resurrection, it was truly a day to be remembered. We live streamed the message down to the new family life center, where over 100 people were gathered in second service.  We repeated the live stream during third service for over 130 people worshiping in the family life center. The worship timed out well and to see Bradley give the message live via video stream was outstanding. To all the servants who helped pull off this very big day, we say, “Thank you for serving Christ in the way you did.” Whether you were helping in the children’s area, driving a shuttle, serving in the Guest Services ministry, serving as an auditorium host, serving on the worship team, or serving in any other fashion, Christ was glorified through the whole of the morning. With 2218 in attendance hearing the word of God proclaimed, the morning was truly indescribable. To God be the glory for the great things He is doing at Forum Christian Church! 

This Sunday we start a new sermon series called, “What’s Next?” This series will focus on what happened after Christ rose from the dead, what came next? This series will look into the early church and her mission to this unsaved world. We’ll see how the gospel message that Jesus saves is a message that changes hearts and minds. This is a message that transforms the world if we let it. Allowing Christ to be the focus of our life changes everything. We’ll be looking at the transforming power of Christ in this series.

This would be a great series to invite a friend or acquaintance to attend because we’re talking about the transformative power of Christ to change entire regions as well as individuals. In the early church, people were accepting Christ by the thousands because they heard the truth, and God’s truth changed them forever. God is in the change business. When we give our lives to Christ, we’re never the same again. Looking forward to great worship with you Sunday.