There’s an incredible movement of God happening at Forum! I see the Lord working all over the place in “big” and “small” and “in-between” ways.

  • People in the Men’s Ministry communicated how very challenged they were by Clarence Mends helping them to grow in the ministry of prayer.
  •  The Caring People continues to make a huge difference in the lives of single moms.
  • As I’m writing, our lobby has around 30 adults who are part of a new Bible study that happens on Thursdays.
  • Our 55+ ministry has 100 people coming to this Friday night's dinner.
  • Our Sunday morning services continue to reach more and more people and in so doing, equip more and more people as Christ’s disciples.
  • Our Children’s Theater is thriving and ramping up for a great Christmas production.
  • Our middle and high school ministries are soaring with greater numbers and stellar youth coaches.
  • The Women’s ministry continues to do a phenomenal job helping to equip and teach women.

It’s truly a movement of God.

Further, there have been great, great strides connected to the facility this week. Over the next weeks, we should be able to park on the gravel in the new parking lot. The new office area is taking shape. The walls on the family life center are continuing to be poured.


This Sunday we have a great lesson arising out of 1 Thessalonians 5 as we wrap up Paul’s first letter to this very young church. God’s put a burden on me (more so than usual) connected to this message for whatever reason. If all of us can grow in this one area, God’s church will advance faster than we can even imagine. It’s an area that I know I need to grow in a lot.