The Lord is my Shepherd


“I am that I am.” God announced this to Moses as His name for all generations. Commonly it’s translated “THE LORD” into our Bibles, but that name represents the great “I AM.” This would be the name of God that Moses would tell the Israelites is the God he met there and who spoke to Moses from the burning bush as he tended sheep. So many times we think about God in descriptive words: God is love; God is holy; or God is silent or God is absent. We tend to paint our expression of God with our circumstances - when things are good, then God is good. When things are tough or stretching us, then “God is not there.” But God is. He is the uncreated one who made the entire universe at His spoken word. He is the one who made a way for their deliverance and rescue from Egypt. He is the great I AM who has made Himself known to Moses in the burning bush. “THE LORD” made Himself known to the world through Jesus Christ who pointed to his own deity by using “I am” statements throughout his ministry while he lived on this earth. Do you have faith in this unchanging God who created the world? Do you believe that God is good? Do you believe He’s watching over you and leading you?

This Sunday we’re going to see God as our shepherd. This expression was written by a shepherd by the name of David. If anyone knew the rigors and role of the shepherd, it’s David. David states that God’s the one who leads us in green pastures for His names sake. We’re going to see His care over us as the God of love who leads us into places we’ve never dreamed. God ultimately leads us to heaven where we will live in the presence of God forever. How wonderful to know that God leads us. He makes our paths straight when we seek Him and follow Him.

This is a Sunday filled with the promises of God. I encourage you to invite a friend or family member to come to church to hear about our great shepherd who leads us. God is doing great things at Forum; invite others to experience God’s presence and power as we worship together. I can’t wait to worship our great God with you this Sunday.